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Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons are small pocket sized pin up magazines. These classic British glamour magazine titles were published throughout the 1950s to the 1970s and were some of the last surviving magazines in the classic "British Glamour Magazine / Pin-Up" genre. The publishers of these titles never turned these magazines into the far more explicit magazines that were on the shelves in 1970s and kept on publishing old fashioned pin up publications. Many of of the photos-sets used in the 1970s were also clearly from an earlier era. Interior contents are black and white.  




Please note that despite the very innocent nature of these magazines, you still must be over 18 years of age to view or purchase any magazines on this section of the website.


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Small 1950s /60s 

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PLEASE NOTE that most issues have some level of rusting to staples and some handling marks.

These marks can be more obvious on the usually white back pages or later white front and back cover issues. 

SPICK 1950s



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Spick 31 (Vol 3) June 1956

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover - Bianca Fusari

B & W centre pages Rita Matthews- 4 pictures

Also features Bianca Fusari, Dawn Winslow, Venetia Vaughan, Claire Roberts & Betty Turner, Colette, Bobbie Corbett, Lee Southern

light centre fold / general handling wear discolouration (mostly on back cover)

Spick 33 (Vol 3) August 1956

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover - Feli Whitman

B & W centre pages Desiree- 3 pictures

Also features Jackie Walker, Jackie Day, Elaine McKenzie, Audrey Wayne, Shane Cordell, Genia Gine, Perry Sheehan

Spick 37 (Vol 4) December 1956

Front Cover Chris Flynn

B & W centre pages Marianne 3 pictures

Also Jill Saunders, Teresa Gaye, Gloria Latham, Norma Barnett, Silvana pampanini, Betty Blackwood, Chris Flynn

Spick 55 (Vol ) June 1958

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover - Lamorna Lea

4 page Beautiful Britons centre pages

Also featured Jean Davey, Lamorna Lea, Anne Wright, Sonya Cordeau, Lesley Deeks

cover creases

Spick 60 (Vol 5 ) November 1958

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover - Marie Dermatt

4 page Beautiful Britons centre pages

Also Jill Lucienne, Pat Dahl, Kim Stewart, Jennifer Harvey

Spick 255 February 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Jane Richards

B & W centre pages Jane Richards

Also features Erica Reeves, dawn Williams, Jane Richards, Lynn Remmer, Judith James, Pinky Sands

Spick 257 April 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Monika Cann

B & W centre pages Carol Fairlie

Also features Dawn Williams, Moira Graham, Carole Fairlie, Dawn Grayson, Monika Cann

Spick 259 June 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Sylvia James

B & W centre pages Christine Hope

Also features Sylvia James, Susan Douglas, Christine Hope, Eva Kruger, Maggie McLennan

Spick 260 July 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Sylvia James

B & W centre pages Sylvia James

Also features Christina Frances, Angie graham, Sylvia James, Julia Seymour, Lisa Shannon

Spick 261 August 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Christine Archer

B & W centre pages Christine Archer

Also features Mary Maxted (Millington), Catherine Brydon, Christine Archer, Claire Aitken, Judi Kilner

Spick 262 Sept 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Wanda Liddell

B & W centre pages wanda Liddell

Also features Jan Warner, Sandra Norvic, Wanda Liddell, Julia Seymour, Fiona Stuart

Spick 264 Nov 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Camellia Tiran

B & W centre pages Camellia Tiran

Also features Maggie James, Dawn Grayson, Camellia Tiran, Laura St John, Jane Paul

Spick 265 Dec 1975

44 pages (numbered)

Front cover Christine Frances

B & W centre pages Jean Clark

Also features Juliette Falls, Christine Francis, Jean Clark, Lois Seeds, Helen Brodie



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