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Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons are small pocket sized pin up magazines. These classic British glamour magazine titles were published throughout the 1950s to the 1970s and were some of the last surviving magazines in the classic "British Glamour Magazine / Pin-Up" genre. The publishers of these titles never turned these magazines into the far more explicit magazines that were on the shelves in 1970s and kept on publishing old fashioned pin up publications. Many of of the photos-sets used in the 1970s were also clearly from an earlier era. Interior contents are black and white.




Please note that despite the very innocent nature of these magazines, you still must be over 18 years of age to view or purchase any magazines on this section of the website.


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PLEASE NOTE that most issues have some level of rusting to staples and some handling marks.

These marks can be more obvious on the usually white back pages or later white front and back cover issues.



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Beautiful Britons 20 (vol 2) June 1957

52 pages Numbered

B & W centre pages Rita Richards

Front cover - Belinda Lee

Also features Kerry Faye, Sabrina (4 pages), Lesley Anne Scott, Janet White, Pat Lammin, Eve Kell, Angela Hunt,Valda GliverGaynor Mills

Beautiful Britons 22 (vol 2) August 1957

52 pages Numbered

B & W centre pages -Peggy Tunstall - two separate one page photos

Front cover - Penny Wood

Also features Sherrie Anne Scott, Marion Chaplin, Margaret Buckhurst, Marion Holmes, Jo BoultonBrenda JohnsonHelen Marlowe, Elsa Carroll

Beautiful Britons 152 July 1968

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Kathy Francis

B & W centre pages film review

Also featured Pauline Gorvin, Marilyn Ward, Kathy Francis, Christine Norton, Kelly Rand, Tania Webb, Mandy Marsden

Beautiful Britons 172 March 1970

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Yolande Hosie & Mimi Dixon

B & W centre pages Christine Auferil

Also featured Janet de Bollet, Beryl Palmer, Nina Wartenberg, Brigitte Jelnek, Melita Tegeler, Cheryl Peters

Beautiful Britons 177 Aug 1970

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Melanie Cooper

B & W centre pages Dawn Grayson

Also featured Nicki Denell, Ivy Winstanley, CleoSimmons, Dawn Grayson, Barbara Tomes, Joy Bamforth,

Beautiful Britons 183 February 1971

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Lynn Lampert

B & W centre pages Caroline Hilary-Brown

Also featured Ruth Cavendish, Susan Morrell, Caroline Hilary-Brown, Maria Assin, Jenny Taylor

Beautiful Britons 189 August 1971

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Magda Kraznall

B & W centre pages Vicky Ashley

Also featured Laurie Sands, Lorna Murrell, Sandra Morell, Vicky Ashley, Laurie Rivers, Maggie McCully

Beautiful Britons 190 September 1971

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Angelika Fakelberg

B & W centre pages Brenda North

Also featured Vicki Munro, Samantha Jones, Kim Scott, Brenda North, Sarah Collins, Angela Shaw,

Beautiful Britons 192 November 1971

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Maria Graham & Nicola Taylor

B & W centre pages Maria Graham & Nicola Taylor

Also featured

Candy Norse, Vivky Landau, Maria Graham & Nicola Taylor, Joanne Stewart, Gail Johnson

Beautiful Britons 196 March 1972

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Mary Read

B & W centre pages Samantha Davis

Samantha Davis Also featured Molly Cunningham, Michelle Vascoe, Sarah Marsden, Samantha Davis, Vicki Ashley, Soulange Ferrier

Beautiful Britons 198 May 1972

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Molly Cunningham

Also featured Herta Michaelides, Molly Cunningham, Alison Mckenzie, Jenny Piper, Judy Coe

Beautiful Britons 202 September 1972

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Laura St John

B & W centre pages Rachael Collins

Also featured Laura St John, Miranda James, Wendy Wood, Rachael Collins, Anne Baxter, Jenny Freeman

Beautiful Britons 203 October 1972

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Stephanie McLean & Kari-Ann

B & W centre pages Helen Grant

Also featured Dona Mathis, Pam Rogers, Linda Room, Helen Grant, Ruth Cavendish, Adrienne Houston

Beautiful Britons 207 February 1973

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Janice Payne

B & W centre pages Karin Gerder

Also featured Catherine Brydon, Mandy Wright, Thea Taylor, Karin Gerder, Gabby Blaesing, Heather Armfield, Margaret Carmichael

Beautiful Britons 210 May 1973

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Kerry O Brian

B & W centre pages Samantha Earle

Also featured Dianne Lloyd, Elaine Masters, Donna Mathis, Samantha Bond, Rebecca Murnray, Gail Redfer

Beautiful Britons 212 July 1973

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Roz Stuart

B & W centre pages June perfect

Also featured Sally Ryder, Carol Strutt, Heather Chaffey, June Perfect, Samantha Earle, Margaret Frost, Anthea St Claire

Beautiful Britons 216 November 1973

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Mary Lydford

B & W centre pages Betty Bell

Also featured Bridget McKenna, Wendy Hughes, Betty Bell, Anne Catarin Webby, Margiata Nolan, Maria Langer, Joan Russell

Beautiful Britons 217 December 1973

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Caroline Adams

B & W centre pages Margarita Nolan

Also featured Caroline Adams, Andrea Kay, Margaret Blair, Margarita Nolan, Annabel Lane, Maria Montez, Julie Mitchell, Bridie Goodwin

Beautiful Britons 218 January 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Sylvia Ternes

B & W centre pages Wanda Liddell

Also featured Bridget Southgate, Francoise Denieve, Wanda Liddell, Dawn Grayson, Jackie Taylor, Andrea Kay

Beautiful Britons 220 March 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Barbara Melton

B & W centre pages Caroline Spencer

Also featured Eva Warsava, Vicky Durrant, Caroline Spencer, Kim West, Charlotte Bailey, Samantha Bond

Beautiful Britons 221 April 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Maureen Prior

B & W centre pages jennifer Jay

Also featured Jane Wright, Britt Hampshire, Jennifer Jay, Amber Jackson, Vanessa Jones

Beautiful Britons 223 June 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Irene Martell

B & W centre pages Jane Wright

Also featured Sacha Michalelides, Donna Palmer, Adriana Hirsche, Jane Wright, Estelle Warner, Carol Perry

Beautiful Britons 224 July 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Jenny Hurst

B & W centre pages Angie Graham

Also featured Julie Mitchell, Martine Jason, Toni Finch, Amanda Dell, Angie Graham, Carol Gaye, Margaret Bowman, Louise Burton

Beautiful Britons 225 August 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Solange Ferrier

B & W centre pages Wanda Liddell

Also featured Anne Scott, Eva Ilkido, Marian Davis-Hart, Wanda Liddell, Alison Ward, Anna Baumann, Pamela Johnson

Beautiful Britons 226 September 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Helen McGuire

Also featured Helen McGuire, Cathy Meadows, Annette Gridlay, Jane Brewerton, Xenia Chartres

Beautiful Britons 227 October 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Valerie King

Also featured Katrina Dormann, Nicola Taylor & Marie Graham, Linda Farmer, Linda Dean

Beautiful Britons 228 November 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Faye Martin

B & W centre pages Radika

Also featured Jante Olsen, Joyce Matlock, April Dempster, Radika, Cathy Meadows, Barbra Beverley, Jill Hammond, Sandra Pullan & Lynn Remmer

Beautiful Britons 229 December 1974

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Maria Graham

B & W centre pages Barbara Payne

Also featured Herta Busch, Carol Hill, Helen Williams, Barbara Payne, Marie Graham, Pamela Burton, Helen Brodie

Beautiful Britons 230 January 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Ann Cooper

B & W centre pages Caroline Spencer

Also featured Catherine Small, Ann Cooper, Estelle Warner, Caroline Spencer, Penny Stone, Sheila O Bryan, Barbara Hanson, Dawn Grayson

Beautiful Britons 231 February 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Anna Harris

B & W centre pages Cherie Arnaud

Also featured Gillian Forbes, Janet Cooke, Cherie Arnaud, Susan Douglas, Deborah Carr, Samantha Bond

Beautiful Britons 232 March 1975

Front cover Pinky Sands

B & W centre pages Anita St George

Also featured Pinky Sands, Ingrid Stengert, Estelle McDonald, Anita St George, Louise Crawford, Hazel Shaw, Kirsten Veta, Maureen Carson

Beautiful Britons 233 April 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Dawn Grayson

B & W centre pages barbara Wainwright

Also featured Liz Harvey & Marilyn Ward, Gina Martini, Kim Armstrong, Louise Crawford, Maria Assin, Elizabeth McGregor

Beautiful Britons 236 July 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Samantha Grey

B & W centre pages Samantha Grey

Also featured Anne Dearborn, Jeanette Bonner, Samantha Grey, Carla HousemanRegina Macick, Soulange Ferrier, Liz Harvey

Beautiful Britons 237 August 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Anita St George

B & W centre pages Anita St George

Also featured Sylia James, Trisha Coombes, Jakki Hanse, Anita St George, Ingrid Norsman, Maggie Fletcher, Susanne Ferrier

Beautiful Britons 239 October 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Marilyn Ward

B & W centre pages Helen Mills

Also featured Catherine Brydon, Jackie Miller, Helen Mills, Marilyn Ward, Anne Scott, Ingrid Norseman

Beautiful Britons 240 November 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Marian Souter

B & W centre pages Wanda Liddell

Also featured Susan Douglas, Hazel Poole, Wanda Liddell, Kay de Lisle, Nicola Taylor & Marie Graham, Andrea Kaye

Beautiful Britons 241 December 1975

52 pages (numbered)

Front cover Greta Berry

B & W centre pages Camellia Tiran

Also featured Avril Manders, Sharon Gale, Camellia Tiran, Greta Berry, Mary Rudin, Melanie Cooper, Hazel Poole



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